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Get Your Message Heard

Mar 26, 2018

Do you hate the phrase, ‘trust the process?’ If so, you’re probably someone who wants to jump right into action and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all love doing what we’re good at and it can be uncomfortable to do what’s counterintuitive. But sometimes we have to. We might need guidance on when to take action and what action to take. Today, Michael talks about trusting the process for all of you who don’t.

I don’t have time to trust the process.

It might not seem like you have time. But the truth is trusting the process is worth it every single time. It doesn’t take a genius to define a process that will work every single time. What you see as wasting time is actually being more efficient and able to succeed far more often.

Whatever you are seeking is seeking you.

While you’re busy taking action and flying by the seat of your pants, it’s possible you will miss the answers you need. Have you heard of the concept of white space? It’s something that far too few of us honor in our busy lives. Giving yourself room to breathe rather than chasing the next thing is invaluable. You actually CAN consume too much content, or put too much of yourself out there in the world.

Can you simply create?

When you’re in the creator frame of mind, trusting the process means getting the idea on paper. Nothing more than creating – no revising, no tweaking, no editing, no going down the research rabbit hole. One great way to do this is to record yourself speaking. Just talk about your idea, let it flow, then get it transcribed. Then let it sit for a while. Let it gestate in your mind. This raw act of creation will have so much more potential than something you squeezed the life out of before it was ready.

How do you consume content?

You NEED white space for your brain to process what you consume. Choosing to be more picky about what you consume is key to that. Are you afraid you’ll miss something important? Don’t worry; many of us feel that way. But the truth is, all the time you’re spending consuming without processing is wasted.

Recommended Action

The next time you sit down to create content, trust the process. Create for the sake of creating. Then give yourself some white space for the ideas to gestate. Then come back to your creation with a fresh mind and new insights.

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