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Get Your Message Heard

Jun 25, 2018

Are you not getting the response or feedback you want? Maybe you’re talking to the wrong people – but the people who need your message are still out there waiting. Michael discusses three common pitfalls the has experienced, so you can avoid making the same mistakes. He then announces exciting new changes to the podcast in the near future.

Learn from others’ mistakes.

So many of us get tripped up by one of three common culprits: overthinking, bright shiny object syndrome, and looking for the Holy Grail. Michael shares his experience so you can learn from his mistakes.

Are you asking the right people?

If you’re asking for feedback from the people who are available, rather than seeking out the people who your message is really intended for, you may not get the feedback you need. Start by identifying the ideal person you’re really seeking to serve.

Are you getting distracted?

Success is sequential – you can’t jump straight to the end of the sequence. If you’re looking for a magic answer or chasing a new idea every week, you may be undermining your progress.

Are you chasing too many people?

Many of us want to serve and help others so much that we aren’t able to turn away clients who just aren’t right for us. But this could be preventing you from doing your best work.

Are you spreading your ideas too thin?

Expertise entrepreneurs love ideas – hearing new ideas, and coming up with them, too. Remember, your job is not simply producing volume – it’s honing down and presenting a direction to the people you serve that is crafted and tailored.

Change is coming!

Michael is changing the format of the podcast to focus on interviews. Is there someone you’d like to hear from who is established and inspires you? Let us know!

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