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Get Your Message Heard

Jun 18, 2018

We all, in building our expertise enterprise, have a content path – the path we discover as we think through and develop our message. We evolve what we think about a subject as a process over time. Michael walks you through how to use your past content for a better future in your business.

Experience helps us help others.

Michael’s moment of gratitude this week goes to Mark Schaefer, whose blog post this week kickstarted reflections on aging and recognizing the value you add by virtue of your experiences.

Use what you have that is important for where you are right now.

Sometimes we hold on to content for too long. Have you ever experienced a breakthrough moment in your understanding, then refused to move beyond the content you generated in that moment? Maybe it's time to move on from stories that are no longer serving your audience.

Do an inventory.

Make a list of every piece of content that you’ve created. Then go through and create a rating system of how relevant that content is to your message today, and whether it will help you attract your target audience.

Give yourself credit.

Even if you’ve moved on to change or refine your message, your content path is how you got where you are today. Celebrate how much you’ve done, and the path you’ve taken to get where you needed to go. Acknowledge how your message has changed because of the work you’ve put in.

Commit to doing work on the stuff that matters.

Your job isn’t to overload people with information and ideas – it’s to deliver a core message in a way that your audience will really absorb. Focus on the material that will help you make the difference that you’re here to make. Get really clear on what your strongest, most resonant stories and content are, and clearly communicate that to your audience.

Recommended Action

Make a list. Use the -0+ system, and be willing to say goodbye to the stuff that gets the minus. Figure out the one specific thing you need to use right now.

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