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Get Your Message Heard

Jun 11, 2018

When you’re an expertise entrepreneur, the reality is that you are your brand. The business you’re building is based on your vision, wisdom, and expertise. There are several areas where your integrity will get tested as an expertise entrepreneur. Michael discusses the importance of integrity in the face of some common challenges.

Sacrificing your integrity can hurt your performance.

When we commit to things that are out of alignment with our values, this can create something called cognitive dissonance – a conflict between your inner values and your outward actions. This can hurt your ability to do what you do and damage your performance.

Listen to your gut.

If you don’t feel something is right for you, that probably means you shouldn’t do it. You know when you’re out of alignment with your values – when you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be doing.

You can never not lead.

By virtue of your chosen path in life, you are a leader – people look up to you and see the things that you do. You are your brand, so this makes it all the more important to demonstrate integrity, for your business and for yourself.

Don’t do what you don’t do, just for the opportunity.

Michael shares a story about a time that he passed up an opportunity because he realized he was not the right person for the job. Having the guts to walk away when something doesn’t fit is a sign of integrity, and will help you attract the right clients for you.

Respect intellectual property.

Many of us as enterprise entrepreneurs consume ideas, read others’ writing, and listen to podcasts constantly. We try to learn and grow through seeking information. But be careful that you’re maintaining the integrity of what you’re using, and where it came from. Give credit where credit is due, and make sure that what you’re bringing to your clients is really yours to claim.

Don’t confuse swiping vs. stealing.

Swiping copy refers to borrowing from the context, feeling, layout, or general idea of others' work. It’s okay to learn from what you see and what others are doing. It’s not okay to use the words of others.

Recommended Action

Be authentic – make your own content, and be the expertise entrepreneur you were meant to be. Attract the people you were meant to serve, and leave behind the people who don’t fit.

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