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Get Your Message Heard

Jun 4, 2018

Have you ever asked yourself if you should start a podcast? If you have a message you want to share, if you are comfortable talking about your message, and if you believe there are people who want to hear your message, then the answer is yes! There is nothing more valuable than having the opportunity to talk to your audience on a regular basis. Michael shares his 5 key takeaways from 66 episodes worth of podcasting experience.

1. You will learn more about your message by making your podcast.

When you make a weekly commitment to show up and talk about your message, it changes the way you think about what you have to say. It makes it very obvious what doesn’t belong, and creates consistency in the body of your work that you communicate to your audience. You’ll also get comfortable with articulating your message on a regular basis.

2. Reviews and feedback will help you hone your message.

What words do your listeners use in their feedback? What benefits does your message bring people? Just by listening to your audience, you can learn a lot about what you’re bringing to the table and how you’re enriching others’ lives.

3. Podcasting will help you refine and reconfigure your message.

Chances are there are some redundancies in your message that you could cut out. Putting your message out there every week will help you hone your message. It will also help you develop the new content that will stimulate your audience every week.

4. Talking about your message every week makes it real to you.

You need to own your message, inside of you. You need to be absolutely clear in the core components of your message so that you can assess whether you’re connecting and communicating effectively through the stories you tell.

5. Your message becomes part of who you are.

When you own your message, sharing it becomes simple because it’s integrated into everything you do. Thinking every week about what you’re going to share and how you’re going to communicate it will create that structure within you for really integrating your message into your daily life and thoughts.

Recommended Action

If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, and if you’re an expertise entrepreneur or have a message to get out there – take the plunge! It can only help you.

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