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Get Your Message Heard

May 28, 2018

Reflect upon and improve your public speaking by reflecting on these five key tips. Michael explains and summarizes the important lessons he learned from his recent experience putting together his new keynote speech.

1. Find the audience that is right for your message.

Finding small audiences aligned with your target audience can be helpful as a way to extend your rehearsal process to the real world. In this way, you can create a situation where you don’t have a lot at risk, and you can hone your message with feedback from the right kinds of people. Don’t hesitate to test out your speech in small venues – intentionally seek these scenarios out!

2. Not everyone will connect with your message – and that’s a good thing!

No matter how much some people will connect with your message, some will not. Remember: this means that you are on the right path. You are not here to serve everyone – success requires defining and knowing what you do and who you are there to serve.

3. Learn from others.

What are other people doing that really connect to the audience? Listen to the messages and ideas of others, and try to make connections to your message and the big ideas you’ve been working with. Notice the differences. It will help you refine your delivery and your message - to that audience, in that situation, in that moment.

4. Get there early.

Arrive early in the morning and block your speech onstage – it’s worth the time and effort. There are all sorts of technical details – from lighting, to stage setup, to audience setup – that you can plan for, if you get there early.

5. Get in the performing mindset.

It's more fun and it creates more impact to walk on the stage with the intention to perform. And… it feels AMAZING! Be intentional about being a performer, to practice and rehearse, plan, and schedule. It will bring your speaking to the next level.

Recommended Action

Step up, show up, and speak up – because there are people who are waiting to hear your message.

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