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Get Your Message Heard

Apr 16, 2018

There are three key questions that can push companies to think bigger, envision the future more vividly, and find better strategies to get there. What is your message? Who is that message for? And if you weren’t already doing what you’re doing now, would you start? Michael discusses how to think about these questions in ways that will get you on the path towards where you want to go with your business.

Think strategically about your business.

We often get caught up in the day-to-day work of being in business and don’t step back to ponder where we’re going. If you don’t know where you’re headed, then you’re not going to know when you get there. Michael discusses goal orientation, not as a dollar amount, but as a detailed vision of the future.

What is your message?

We each have a unique perspective on the world that gives us power to impact other people’s lives. The most important part of reaching people is having clarity about what that message is. Michael talks about common pitfalls in framing your message that may be preventing you from reaching the people you want to serve. This is the first question you need to answer to think about where you’re going to take your business in the long-term.

Who is your message for?

Who are the people you want to reach – what are the problems they have? And how are you going to help them? Once you have your message clear, you can ask yourself: who needs that message? Remember, you’re not here to serve everybody – you will do your best work when you find the people who were meant to hear your message, and who are in a place to receive it.

If you weren’t already doing what you’re doing, would you start?

We all have things we do because we’ve always done them that way – but it’s important to have the guts to take stock and cut out practices that aren’t helping us. Michael discusses subjecting what we’re doing to scrutiny and having the courage and fluidity to adapt and grow.

Recommended action

Take the time to focus on your long-term vision for your business. Clarify what your message is, and who it is for. And re-evaluate the things you’re doing, and whether they’re working to get you where you’re going.

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