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Get Your Message Heard

Apr 2, 2018

In this episode Michael answers three very frequently asked questions that keep coming up again and again. First: what can I do to get my first speaking, coaching, or consulting engagement? Second: how can I get better at writing content, whether it be for sales copy, speeches, or promotion? And third: how can I get testimonials and referrals when I don’t have clients yet? An essential listen for new entrepreneurs and veterans alike. Michael shares scores of practical tips to help you grow and improve your business.


1. How do I get my first paid speaking, coaching or consulting engagement?

Sometimes when you’re just starting out building your business, breaking into a field can feel daunting. Michael shares his personal strategies, including a step-by-step process to get that first paid gig.


Leveraging your network

Michael discusses the importance of using your network to get off the ground – learn strategies to help you figure out who to reach out to and how to ask the right questions to make solid business connections.


2. How do I get better at writing content?

Whether it is sales copy, speech content, or promotion, you need to be able to produce powerful content to grow your expertise enterprise. Michael walks us through 3 things you can do to improve your content right now.


You can learn a lot just from watching.

Yogi Bera said it first, but Michael explains how consuming good content and studying how others craft content can help you find your signature voice and really connect with your audience.


3. How do I get testimonials and referrals when I don’t have clients?

Getting referrals isn’t a race to sign on the dotted line – it’s a relationship-building process that takes time and investment. Step one is to ask. Your friends, acquaintances and business partners can attest to your skills. Step two is get creative – don’t limit yourself to testimonials from paying clients. Michael gives some concrete but innovative tips to get people’s feedback and use it effectively.


Recommended Action

Go out there and ask your friends, acquaintances and business connections for referrals. Leverage your network, make a list of names you can draw on, and reach out to the people at the top of that list. Consume great content, watch great speakers, and make note of what resonates with you.


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