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Get Your Message Heard

Mar 19, 2018

It takes courage to be candid, to be called an agitator, a contrarian. If you are, it probably means you’re pushing people outside of their comfort zone. They don’t always appreciate that. Michael and his guest Jody Maberry talk about how you should ‘own’ who you are even if it makes people uncomfortable. You might help someone with a breakthrough that could change their life.

What it means to provoke

Jody and Michael talk about Michael’s keynote speech at Mike Kin’s Influence and Impact conference, and how to wow a crowd. He didn’t do it by pandering; he provoked. He spoke into them, not at them. Michael shares what parts of his life made him that way, and the lessons he took from it. Jody doesn’t throw Michael any softballs. He poses a very important question: if you’re such an agitator, why doesn’t your podcast audience know it? Why are you so polished and professional without being the agitator you truly are.

Living up to your potential

Michael has an inexplicable drive to help people live up to their potential in spite of themselves. He speaks from experience. Being adopted, having ADHD before doctors knew what it was, and being sexually abused as a child all took their toll on him. Michael talks about what pisses him off the most, not about what happened to him, but when people stop trying. Michael talks about the 3 types of work, and what it takes to start living up to your potential.

Are you sitting on a nail?

You don’t need Michael in your ear yelling ‘wake up!’ Chances are if you’re feeling dissatisfied, like something is missing, then you have hidden potential you haven’t uncovered. Michael and Jody talk about ways to root out the source of the angst and identify what it is you’re missing. Furthermore, if you try to take action on your angst without understanding it, you might just miss the message your heart really wants to share.

Recommended Action

Take a self-inventory. Are you feeling some sort of angst? Talk through it, write through it, and when you feel like shying away from something, that’s when you need to lean in. Take what you learn from being your own contrarian and do what Jody did: ask your peers the hard questions. Be candid. Put your finger where it hurts.

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