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Get Your Message Heard

Mar 12, 2018

One of the best ways we can extend our thinking is to talk to people who see things differently. They ask different questions and can inspire you to think differently. Sometimes we think our goal is simply networking – trying to meet as many people as possible. But how do you go deeper to make real connections and develop your thinking? One of the pathways to thinking bigger about your business is by talking to people at a deeper level, and Michael discusses how to make it happen.

Are you thinking big enough for your business and your future?

Are you looking for ways to transfer your knowledge to new contexts in order to grow your business? Or are you playing it safe? Michael talks about how to take the skills and knowledge you already have and transfer them to new contexts and markets.

There are three levels of markets that your business is going to serve:

1 – people who just want the free stuff. They are interested in the information, in learning, and in getting what they can out of the content you create.

2 –  People who will invest more in your business, but have some questions and demands of you. These are people you can add value for, but how can you think bigger about what they need?

3 – People who are going to come to you from solid referrals. You can use those same skills you already have to access and serve these people.

How do we decide how much energy to dedicate to these different levels in order to bring in new people, while also creating deep and lasting connections with clients? Michael discusses how to engage on deeper levels and broaden your engagement with others to create a vivid vision of the future.

Recommended Action

Create a vivid vision for yourself. Read it multiple times a day. Live the vision so you can internally activate the things you need to make it happen.

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When you meet someone who you'd like to have as a client- whether it's an actual sales conversation or just a handshake, what you do AFTER is the most important factor in whether or not you'll end up working with them. Download this 4-step follow-up method to make sure you never miss an opportunity.