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Get Your Message Heard

Feb 12, 2018

We all hit a point in our careers and dreams when we realize we need to adjust our strategy. Sometimes it’s a sudden realization, sometimes it’s because of failure, and other times, it’s because we sat down and talked with other people. Is it time for you to take stock of what you’re doing and consider a pivot of your own?

Sometimes when you set the bar too high, you never start.

A great example is creating content for your audience or tools for prospective clients. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make something fantastic. But in truth, you might just be preventing yourself from creating something very good and useful because you want it to be perfect instead. Effective is better than perfect.

What we do is never ‘one and done.’

It’s amazing how many people in the expert space that believe this is the way to do client work. They deliver a great, effective experience for a client, and that’s it. They are missing the opportunity to share it with others again and again. One of the must-do actions in the expert space is the rinse and repeat step, because there are members of your audience who might have missed it the first time. Keep putting it out there. That’s the secret to success.

Do you undervalue your knowledge?

We often forget how valuable our knowledge is to others. We take it for granted because it’s what we do naturally, every single day. Equally as important, if we’ve been using our gift in a certain way with a certain type of client, we might be ignoring entire markets of clients whom we can help. Ask yourself this: who else could you serve with your gift?

Recommended Action

Get a service like Meet Edgar and set up your content to share automatically. Next, make a list of three other types of clients your gift could serve well, then talk to them.

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