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Get Your Message Heard

Jan 29, 2018

Michael welcomes his dear friend, Kevin Monroe, and they engage in a revealing conversation about how they both have transitioned from six-figure consulting gigs to full time purpose consultants. Each brings a unique insight into how they're making it work, and how you can, too. Are you ready to make the same leap?

Don’t burn the boat.

Kevin and Michael both have infused their lives with purpose and a mission, but that doesn’t mean they quit doing what made them successful in the first place. If you’re making a transition, you can take so much of what you’ve done in the past and retool it to serve the audience in a different way. Often, you need to make several attempts, or experiments, to learn what will work for you and your audience. 

Don’t wait for your ‘avatar.’

The people you want to serve aren’t bodiless souls. They aren’t an avatar or a niche. They are real, breathing people. And you don’t find people by standing still where you are. If you want to find the type of clients you want to serve, the best place to look is the people you’ve connected with in the past. Who did you resonate with, and what do they have in common?

Purpose isn’t easy to communicate.

When you work with corporations in standard consulting, the outcome you can deliver to the CEO is much more tangible. So how do you communicate not only the outcome but also the value of what you bring when you’re purpose-focused? There’s more than one bottom line: profit, people, purpose, and planet. And then what happens when the purpose-driven person isn’t the CEO? It all loops back to the question: how do you find clients? Michael explains.

Don’t hesitate to position yourself an expert.

You are an expert. If you’re transitioning from a successful consulting business to a purposeful consulting business, you aren’t leaving your expertise behind. You already have shown you can deliver great outcomes. Events are amazing for credibility, podcasts and social media platforms are meant to be leveraged for exposure, and the connections you have are the best referral system you can get. Use these tools!

Relationships make or break you.

Since referrals are one of the best ways to get clients, relationships are integral to that. Kevin brings an interesting point that you can often look locally for new relationships. The opportunity to meet someone face-to-face is one you shouldn’t pass up. Michael also points out that nurturing relationships is the next step. Make the connections and nurture them.

Recommended Action

Make a list of the 5 people you know who really know you and ask them for introductions to other people who can help you. Then build relationships with them.

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