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Get Your Message Heard

Jan 8, 2018

When you sit down to plan your resolutions for the new year, what's your mindset? Are you focused on a 'to-do' list of things to check off for the year, or are you planning with the intention of creating not just the best year of your life, but also the best decade?

As you listen to this episode make sure you take notes of the 7 Cs Michael shares, but also, the action he recommends. Not only will you be crystal clear on the big picture, but staying in touch with it will help you make all the smaller decisions without needing an overwhelming to-do list.

The 7 Cs for 2018 and Beyond

  1. Calendar - if you don't have a great system for managing your calendar, get one in place. Just as importantly, be protective of your time.
  2. Challenges – you will face them. But the most significant challenges you will face will come from within. Confront them with the attitude of 'whatever this is, it's here to teach me something.'
  3. Clients – customers is a popular word, but in truth, when you think of people as clients, your whole mindset changes. Position them as clients, and it also changes the way you see yourself. In addition, get very clear on who your clients should be.
  4. Colleagues – who are the people you're hanging out with? Choose them carefully; they influence you directly. Take it further and get five people together for your own, small mastermind where no one is paying each other.
  5. Commitments – nothing will cripple your business faster than overcommitting yourself. Michael explains the concept of white space in your schedule and how it will help you. Saying no isn't bad. Do it more!
  6. Conferences – block out space for conferences each year. They are a chance for you to network and grow, so make sure you choose the top three or four that will benefit you. And before you go, formulate a plan to get the most out of them.
  7. Courses – January is launch season. Online courses, workshops, and the like will be coming in from many different sources. Michael explains his one question when considering which courses are right for you: is this the next right step?

Recommended action

Get clear on where you're taking your business in 2018. Write your vision, your destination story. What does life look like for you on December 31, 2018? Using the 7 Cs above, how can you plan out your year to make it a reality? Then read it every day for the next year.

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