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Get Your Message Heard

Jan 1, 2018

This template reflects a mindset and process shift that Michael experienced nearly twenty years ago when he was in a meeting with a CEO who was unable to think broadly about the impact he wanted and the problem he had. Michael realized that this person was trying to treat symptoms instead of fixing problems. He was thinking EVENTS instead of ENGAGEMENT. Learn what that really means.

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Events vs. Engagement

In event thinking, the client identifies the problem, finds an expert, and invites them to come and speak or consult. But what if the client doesn't understand the problem? In engagement thinking, the client identifies the problem, reaches out to you, and you conduct a pre-planning process. You assess where things are and what the real problem is. Then you're able to deliver support that will make a real change. 

When you can tailor your support and services to your clients' real needs – not just what they think is wrong, you set yourself up to be hired over and over again. The client recognizes you understand the company, the issues, and the implementation and maintenance of solutions to accomplish more each day, quarter, and year.

How Do You Do It?

You use the Ultimate Proposal Template. Michael's started as a simple spreadsheet, and it's become more streamlined and robust over the years. One of the most powerful features is that you have in a single document a synopsis of the entire project laid out: the activity, the timing, the participants, and the objectives.

Unlike an overview, the Ultimate Proposal Template helps you uncover the real problems plaguing the company, and the steps you intend to take to solve them, and more importantly, continue to provide support and follow up. 

The Three Parts of the Template

First, the pre-planning section, where you identify the real problem. Second, the events section where you're delivering the right solution. Finally, the post event section where you're providing results-focused support. When you put all three of these parts together, you have the Ultimate Proposal Template that immediately communicates your value to your potential client.

Recommended Action

Download the Ultimate Proposal Template, take a look at it and create one for yourself in the spreadsheet of your choice. Think about how you can use it in your next project, cement the ideas in your mind, so when you sit down with a client, you're prepared to ENGAGE rather than just putting on an EVENT.

Get the FREE Ultimate Proposal Template