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Dec 18, 2017

Every year of our lives brings with it the opportunity to grow and change, often in small doses at a time. But when you take a moment and look at all of them together, you get a stunning insight on how those small lessons add up to something much bigger and more meaningful. Today, Michael discusses some of the small lessons he learned this year and why they mattered to him.

Our hope is that you can relate to many of these lessons, and more importantly, use them to frame 2018 to be one of the best years of your life. So, take a moment to consider each of these and their place in your life as Michael shares their place in his life. And consider how you can use this information to help YOUR clients.

  1. Be genuine, real, and kind
  2. Share your story and yourself
  3. Manage your mindset daily
  4. Serve first
  5. Create more white space in your life
  6. Take electronics holidays on weekends
  7. Ask more questions and listen to the answers
  8. Done beats perfect every time
  9. Talk to more people
  10. Take risks and learn from missteps

What are the biggest, overarching lesson Michael learned in 2017? Everything centers around one major idea: go deeper. In all areas of your life, from your own mental process to engaging with and understanding others, plug into the world around you.

Recommended Action

It's time to take what you learned here and in your own 2017 and make a list. What are your most important lessons? What have you learned that has changed your thinking and your life? And finally, what bigger lesson does it point to? What is the theme you want to work on in 2018?

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