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Get Your Message Heard

Dec 4, 2017

Last week we talked about the Ask. Listen. Learn. Serve. Mantra. You ask because you want to learn. You listen to ensure you learn. You engage in conversation to prove that you understand. Then you bring your expertise to bear with what you've learned, and you've earned the right to serve them on a deeper level. That is what leads to a sale of your services.

The challenge is that some people don't realize transformation is possible. Our work is to push them in a way that opens their eyes to the possibilities. People won't act until they are motivated to do so, when they can see the outcome. To do that, you Design, Develop, and Deliver.

Design the outcome.

You never start anything unless you know what you're trying to get out of it. Defining an outcome is easy, but designing one is another thing altogether. It requires a deeper understanding of the process, the people, and what success in the outcome truly is.

Develop the path.

Where do your expertise, your stories, and your journey come in to play? You might see the path clearly, but your clients have an entirely different perspective. Talking to your clients and understanding what they see is paramount, so you can create custom paths that will guide them where they need to be.

Deliver the message.

Once you've designed and developed, you must deliver the message. It's not as simple as standing on a soapbox. To help ensure your success, find a way to engage with the people beforehand. Get them involved and aware, then deliver your message and call them to action. Give them a quick win.

Action Recommendation

Commit to making the Ask. Listen. Learn. Serve. mantra as the guiding premise for your interactions with clients. As you prepare for your next speaking or consulting engagement, use the 3D Framework to design the outcome with the client, then use your expertise to develop the path to create that outcome and deliver the message that leads people to take action.

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