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Get Your Message Heard

Nov 27, 2017

But there’s a downside to isolation that limits our impact…spending too much time in our own heads can lead to overthinking and ultimately to misunderstanding the very people we seek to serve.
The simple truth is that working on our own will never reveal what we most need to know about those we seek to attract—the words they use in their minds to describe the way they feel, the pain they are experiencing, the outcome they wish they had.
The good news is that there is an easy process for solving this problem. A way to gain insight into the way your audience sees their world. A way to position yourself as one who can help them overcome the challenges they are facing.
I call it The Ask. Listen. Learn. Serve. Mantra.
This week’s episode of Get Your Message Heard reveals how you can use it to engage with your target audience and define your path to impact.