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Get Your Message Heard

Nov 13, 2017

Most of us who lead expertise-based businesses work alone. We focus our effort in a specific topic area. We serve a specific type of client or market niche. We solve a specific problem for those we serve.
As our relationships with the clients we serve grow strong we become trusted advisors—people they turn to for help on a regular basis. But often the solutions to those other problems are not within our core areas of expertise and experience.
Though it’s tempting to want to step up, learn what is necessary, and deliver an intervention that solves the problem, that is seldom the best path. You run the risk of compromising your relationship, and if you’re really honest with yourself you know someone else could solve it better.
So what do you do? Develop a strategic partnership to bring someone in who is an expert in that area by creating a strategic partnership (aka strategic alliance) for the project.
This episode of the Get Your Message Heard podcast explores the idea of strategic partnerships/alliances and offers ideas on how to make them work, and why you might not want to consider them.