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Get Your Message Heard

Nov 6, 2017

If you’re anything like me you love to create content. It’s a path to sharing your insights with others, and sometimes it’s the easiest way to clarify and focus your thinking on a topic.

But you know what?

There comes a time when you need to stop creating more content and leverage what you have created. To look at those files and piles of documents created from your ideas and look for a way to share them so you can create more impact for the audience you serve.

For most of us the very idea of pulling back on creation is frightening. We’ve become very good at creating new stuff, we enjoy it, and everybody knows it’s what we need to do to build our platforms. The idea of shifting our energy to refining and repurposing feels uncomfortable, and to some of us downright boring.

Yet only through doing that will you be able to create your most significant impact. Because stepping back and examining what you’ve created is the key to defining a strategic path for your work moving forward—a path where you define your core framework and start using it to connect with and serve your audience.

The truth is that if you’ve been creating for any length of time there are common themes that run through everything you do. Things that you always weave in, whether consciously or not. Your go to stories, your key insights and most shared recommendations.

Those things form your core framework, and they are the message that you most need to share; and frankly the one you can’t help but share because it comes from deep within you.

I was reminded of this in a recent conversation with a new connection who asked me lots of questions, listened to my answers, learned about my purpose and my process, then served me by saying: “You need to stop creating new stuff, you already have enough content. You’re just not leveraging it.”

My initial reaction was to pushback with a firm “No, I can’t do that.” But after a bit of thought and some introspection, as well as a timely nudge from one of those ideas that crossed my path at just the right moment (thank you Larry Winget), I acknowledged the truth in the statement.

That’s the moment I realized that my core framework is something I have used since I was a kid in 4-H completing projects and learning about new things…projects that taught me the power of what I now recognize as my core framework for everything I’ve ever done and for the work I do today with those I serve:

Step One: Define the outcome

Step Two: Develop the Path

Step Three: Deliver the Message

It is the path to impact that I always share in one form or another in the work I do from the stage, in one-on-one coaching sessions, and in consulting engagements with clients. And acknowledging that is going to help me become much more intentional about leveraging it to create more impact and be more strategic in the way I approach content creation and sharing.

Action Recommendation: Mine your content to discover your core framework so you can become more focused and create more impact in your content creation and sharing.

Podcast Download: In this podcast episode I referenced a process for tracking your time to gain a better understanding of where you are focusing your effort and energy. Download the worksheets I referenced here so you can easily examine the way you're investing your time each day.