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Get Your Message Heard

Oct 30, 2017

For those of us in the expert space (speakers, coaches, consultants, writers, and content creators) is that it's very easy to get distracted by a new idea. We see a path we can take and it captures out attention--often taking our focus off of what we were already working on that is not yet complete.
We know we can do it, and we want to recapture the energy that comes with a new project. And frankly what we are working on is not panning out as we planned, so why not refocus our effort and energy?
In today's podcast I share some thoughts on this topic--something I understand all too well and struggle with more than you know.
My bottom line on the subject is this: There is value in Following One Course Until Success (i.e., FOCUS), even if the success is that you learn it won't work. Where most of us go wrong is that we give up too soon, before we've even shared our work with enough (of the right) people to know if it connects or not.
My advice, and my decision in the case I discuss on the podcast, is to commit to FOCUS on the most important project you're working on...the one that will create the most impact. Fight the tendency to jump to the next thing until you've shipped it and received feedback from people in the audience for whom it is intended.
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