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Get Your Message Heard

Oct 23, 2017

The last few weeks of the year always challenges me. Usually there are a number of projects and action items remaining on my list, and I am never quite sure whether to focus my energy on doing them.
The truth is that in the past I never asked that question. I just pushed through and made sure all of the goals and objectives I had set earlier in the year were completed--ever box had to be checked off!
But you know what I learned?
Doing that doesn't serve me, my business, or my clients well. In fact, it takes my attention off of what matters most at this time of the year ... setting the stage for a quick start in the New Year.
That's why a few years ago I started subjecting my action list to this question every October: If I wasn't already doing this, would I begin?
When I ask that question (and answer honestly) I realize that some of the things I thought mattered early in the year are no longer relevant. So I started taking action to remove them from the list.
What did I gain?
The margin I needed to map my plans for Q1 of New Year. That set me up for more impact with less stress, and has enabled me to achieve more in the coming year.
And you know what...most of those items I took off the list were never missed.
So what's the secret?
Getting clear on where you want to be at the end of next year and committing to make it happen. It starts with your destination idea I share in today's podcast that I encourage you to pursue.

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