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Get Your Message Heard

Mar 27, 2017

It is just reality. Everyone has struggled, at some point, to get their message heard.  

In today’s episode, we explore 5 critics that exist for the sole purpose of crippling your success:

  1. The Doubting Voice
  2. The Vocal Critic
  3. The Unfortunate Circumstance
  4. The Bad Performance
  5. The Abuse Survivor

Fair warning...this is not easy stuff to deal with. It may bring powerful emotions to the surface. But it is important to face the critics to move past them on your journey to success.

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Resources From This Episode
Jason Goth
Brian Paul Buckley, The Energy Edge Podcast

Question Of The Week
This week’s question comes from Lisa, who recently attended one of my programs. She wants to build a business based on her expertise and asks:

Where do I find people I can learn from in building my expert business?

Listen to the podcast to hear three great ideas for Lisa...and one not so great idea.

Announcing the Vision Speaker Mastermind
As entrepreneurs, we tend to work in isolation too much. One of the most underutilized secrets to growing your business is getting the advice and insight of others.

We oftentimes find ourselves feeling unsure about the next step to take.

But what if you had a group of people you could share your doubts, fears, hopes, and dreams with?

That is exactly what the Vision Speaker Mastermind program will do for your business. This new program will be launching soon.

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