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Get Your Message Heard

Nov 20, 2017

In honor of the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US, this week’s episode is about gratitude and giving thanks.

Too often we put the bar to high before we make the time to express our thanks and gratitude. Instead of capturing the moment and just letting others know how grateful we are, we look for a way to make a bigger splash in expressing our appreciation.

The result: Often it never happens because we put an obstacle in our way. Or, worse yet, we completely forget to acknowledge the little things—yeah, the ones that really matter and over time accumulate to create significant impact.

Why not make it a habit to capture the moments and acknowledge them? Why not make it a part of who you are to look for the ways that people help and serve others, then recognize them for their efforts.

If you’re a regular listener, then you know that each episode of this podcast challenges you to reach out to someone and express your gratitude for the way they have impacted your life. With Thanksgiving upon us, why not commit to doing that more often and making it part of your everyday practice?