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Get Your Message Heard

Mar 13, 2017

In the last two episodes of the podcast, we talked about how you can respond to your client’s needs and better connect with your audience. So, what’s next on your journey to building your 6-figure speaking business?

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In this episode, we explore the secret sauce of follow-up: why it matters, how you can do it better, and also how to leverage feedback to build your business.

Step 6 in the 6-Figure Roadmap is to follow up quickly. Many people promise to follow up on questions after presentations. I can tell you, based on many conversations with conference attendees and meeting planners, they don’t. I don’t want you to be “one of those people.” In short, do what you say you will do.

When I finished my presentation that Friday, two people gave me their business cards. I contacted them the Monday immediately after the presentation. I was able to schedule meetings with both people within 10 days and secured two 5-figure contracts that put me almost halfway to my 6-figure revenue goal for the year.

Now for the 7th and final step in the 6-Figure Roadmap: leveraging feedback.

Good or bad, feedback will make you a better presenter and grow your business. The secret sauce is probing the feedback. Get the person giving the feedback to help you understand why they liked or disliked what you said.

If they offer you a great idea along the way, ask permission to capture and share it with future audience members. Strive to create advocates: people who want to help you grow your business and spread your message.

Question Of The Week

We have a new feature of the podcast: the Question of the Week! In this episode, I answer a question from Jeff who wants to know why 6-figures seems to be the magic number for expert businesses to reach. Listen to the podcast to hear the answer.

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