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Get Your Message Heard

Mar 9, 2017

Now that you’ve listened and responded to your client’s need, what’s next on road to building your 6-figure speaking business?

In this episode, you will learn the most exciting part of the roadmap: how to serve your audience.

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When you hone in on the power of connecting with your audience BEFORE you speak, you exponentially increase your impact WHEN you speak.

If you want to truly differentiate yourself, if you want to truly put your business on a faster path to growth, this is the secret sauce!

So, let’s continue with the 6-Figure Roadmap by covering steps 3, 4 and 5, which all relate to the audience.

Step 3 is to understand the audience. Remember, when you make a speech, not everyone may be excited to be there. Some are, but some aren’t. You have to work extra hard to connect to them.

As you prepare for your engagement, ask the meeting planner if it’s possible to have a few one-on-one conversations with people with those who will be attending your session.

You will gain amazing insight into the unique aspects of your audience through a series of short phone calls. And be sure to get their permission to share their stories. It will add value to your presentation.

Step 4 is all about sharing the most relevant stories. We use stories to illustrate the lessons we want the audience to learn. To make the stories fit your audience, be sure to leverage industry information.

Every industry has its own set of information, terminology, successes, and problems. Find a way to become an insider who knows the industry secrets. It will take some work, but it will be worth it.

Step 5 is preparing judiciously. We can’t just put a new logo on a presentation, change a few words or swap out the photos. We have to go deeper. Customization is critical, as is rehearsing … and rehearsing some more.

Ultimately, you want to create an impactful presentation: one that people will remember once they leave your session. Personally, nothing is more rewarding than encountering someone from an audience in the future and they tell me how the presentation helped them.

You might be thinking, “But everyone prepares this way!” Well, no, they don’t. I’ve worked with countless speakers, coaches, and consultants over the past 35 years. Very few go the extra mile to truly understand the audience and leverage key details to make their presentations as impactful as possible.

The three steps fit together and will help you discover your true audience. These steps will help you gain the insight you need into what they want, so you can deliver for them.

Thanks for listening to the podcast. I’d like to offer you a free tool -- the 3D Presentation Speech Planning Template.

You can put this template to work immediately to guide yourself through this process of how you connect each message you deliver with the audience you are serving. Go to to download this valuable tool.