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Get Your Message Heard

Oct 30, 2017

For those of us in the expert space (speakers, coaches, consultants, writers, and content creators) is that it's very easy to get distracted by a new idea. We see a path we can take and it captures out attention--often taking our focus off of what we were already working on that is not yet complete.
We know we can do...

Oct 23, 2017

The last few weeks of the year always challenges me. Usually there are a number of projects and action items remaining on my list, and I am never quite sure whether to focus my energy on doing them.
The truth is that in the past I never asked that question. I just pushed through and made sure all of the goals and...

Oct 18, 2017

Sometimes it's all too easy to forget that you are the product. That means you need to show up bright and shiny, with no dings, no dents, and no distractions.
That's why you need to take care of yourself at every turn. Whether it's planning travel, managing your content, balancing downtime and connection time,...

Oct 9, 2017

There's a significant shift when you start thinking of your presentations as a performance rather than a speech.

There are many underlying things performers do differently than "speakers" ... and these have some terrific ramifications for us when we speak. It elevates the importance of our speech, and it also means we...

Oct 2, 2017

I recently attended Michael and Amy Port's Heroic Public Speaking event, and what an event it was!

As I listened to presenter after presenter, I was struck by a common theme woven through the most effective speeches:

"The source of your most significant pain is the path to your greatest impact."
In this episode, I...