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Get Your Message Heard

Dec 25, 2017

One major pain point for speakers and consultants is putting a real dollar value on their services. Businesses and business owners often want us to justify our fees so they, in turn, can justify paying them. The best way to approach this is to think about their problems in terms of time – their time – and use the

Dec 18, 2017

Every year of our lives brings with it the opportunity to grow and change, often in small doses at a time. But when you take a moment and look at all of them together, you get a stunning insight on how those small lessons add up to something much bigger and more meaningful. Today, Michael discusses some of the small...

Dec 11, 2017

The 3D Framework is a big concept that, so when it comes to implementing it on a granular level, where do you start? You start with a question: what's the outcome we want to design? Which brings us to the first D in the framework.


The end game matters, and the very first question you should ask is whether you're...

Dec 4, 2017

Last week we talked about the Ask. Listen. Learn. Serve. Mantra. You ask because you want to learn. You listen to ensure you learn. You engage in conversation to prove that you understand. Then you bring your expertise to bear with what you've learned, and you've earned the right to serve them on a deeper level. That is...

Nov 27, 2017

But there’s a downside to isolation that limits our impact…spending too much time in our own heads can lead to overthinking and ultimately to misunderstanding the very people we seek to serve.
The simple truth is that working on our own will never reveal what we most need to know about those we seek to...