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Get Your Message Heard

Feb 19, 2018

Last week we talked about was how to share your content. This week, we dig into something deeper, more subjective. Is your content truly ready to share? Have you allowed it to gestate and grow? Michael talks about how to create amazing content, and more importantly, when it will be ready to share.

Everyone has a deep content idea.

What is that? It’s the heart of your message, a piece of content that will provide incredible value to your audience. Maybe you haven’t been able to translate it to words or images yet, but it’s there, gestating. What idea has been with YOU for a long time? What’s stopping you from creating content from it?

Often, your content tells you when it’s ready.

Have you ever caught yourself working on one idea but thinking about another? That usually happens when that second idea is ready to become content. Chances are that piece of content isn’t going to give you any peace until you create it. Don’t worry if it’s not fully formed yet; you will have a chance to improve it.

Sharing an idea is the best way to refine it.

Your ideas for content need time to breathe, to grow. When you think about it, look at what you have, share it with others, and discuss it, it becomes better each time. Don’t be afraid to get your ideas out there, and for heaven’s sake, never hesitate to improve what you have.

Recommended Action

Take a piece of content you’ve been sitting on and create it. Do so with the understanding that it isn’t final. You’ll have ongoing opportunities to develop and refine it.

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