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Get Your Message Heard

Feb 5, 2018

Podcasts are hot right now. There are so many people wondering whether they should podcast, especially when it’s an excellent platform to reach your audience in a different way. But is podcasting right for you? Today, Michael talks through the pros and cons of podcasting and asks some very specific questions to help you decide.

A podcast is a great way to get clarity on what matters to you.

One of the benefits of podcasting is something few people consider. Talking about your topic, your message, your ideas helps you develop them further. More importantly, you become better at communicating those ideas effectively, both inside and outside the podcast. Is that something that would help you right now?

A podcast helps you master consistency.

When you commit to doing something every week and people are waiting to hear it, it’s a great motivator to get it done. This is true of podcasts. Consistency is key to a successful podcast, and the commitment you made will help you create more content by changing the way you plan your days and think about time. Paired with the clarity talking about your topic brings, you can become a content juggernaut. 

A podcast has the potential to create MORE content.

Writing blog posts isn’t for everyone, so what if there were another way to generate quality content? If you’re a verbal processor and you’re bursting with ideas but can’t seem to get them on paper, then podcasting might be perfect for you. You aren’t stuck in the audio medium either. If you transcribe your podcasts, they become available for repurposing: blogs, social media, emails, etc. 

Podcasts fuel creativity.

The act of creating invites more creativity. It fulfills a need within us, and it’s a creative outlet that you might not get otherwise. More importantly, you’ll be creating within a new medium and learning to have conversations even when there’s no one else there. This requires you to think differently and raise the bar on your thinking and communication.

Connection is what grows your success.

How you connect to others determines your success in almost every case. Podcasting offers a very frictionless way to connect with others, and to do so with a level of credibility. Your information is out there in a public way, and you can introduce yourself as the host of a podcast.

You’re contributing to the world’s body of knowledge.

You’re creating information that others can access and moving the conversation forward. That’s something to be proud of. You are showing that you’re one of the people who care enough about the topic to commit to talking about it every week.

Recommended Actions

Think about the benefits of podcasting listed above. If they resonate with you, consider podcasting. Then record a few practice episodes with whatever mic you have.